• Pool Cleaners West Palm Beach offers new services to the area!

      You know why you are here. You need a pool cleaning service. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to clean it yourself. In some cases, it just takes too much time to do. It’s much more convenient to get someone to get rid of that dirty pool of yours. It especially gets bad within the West Palm Beach area.

    • Pools

      We offer all types of services to help keep your pool looking great.

    • Spas

      Now providing services for your spa or hot tubs.

    • We Specialize in being the best with any pool cleaning services.

    • If you have any problems with your pool our experts will repair them.

    • Closing & Opening

      Learn how to properly open and close up your pools the right way.

    • Maintenance

      Our cleaners will properly teach you how to inspect and maintain your pools.

    • We use the safest most effective kinds of chemicals to keep your pools clean.

    • Renovation

      We provide the best renovation services in the area. Give us a call now to find out all about them!

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    • Pool Maintenance West Palm Beach can be hard to come by. Get to know us!

      We are a group of skilled professionals that can get the job done. Our Pool Maintenance West Palm Beach company offers great customer satisfaction. There’s a lot of tiny details that you might not pay attention to, when you have a pool. Things like: making sure there’s no leaks, using the right kind of chemicals to clean your pool, make sure you aren’t wasting too much electricity, maintenance, maintaining proper heating systems and plenty of more. There’s just a variety of things that you won’t be able to pay attention to. Really think to yourself. Do you have the time to pay attention to all of these details? Don’t risk messing the job up. 

      Let’s start with the obvious. In the summertime, Florida gets extremely warm. People want to stay cool and decide to play in pools. When there’s a bunch of people in the water – it can get extremely dirty. It gets extremely difficult to maintain your pool. As mentioned before, there’s a bunch of things to consider to properly maintain your pool. There weren’t enough pool cleaning companies out there to fulfill the demand. People had many pools that they couldn’t properly take care. It could have easily became a health crisis. A lot of diseases can be transmitted because of unhygienic conditions. 

      There clearly was demand for pools to be cleaned better. Which is why we decided to start this pool company in order to better serve the people who need pool services. We have everything that you could possibly need. You can sit back and relax and drink a nice cup of iced tea, as we do all the hard work for you. 

      There was a person named David. He had a large pool in his backyard. He decided to run a large party that involved his pool. People had fun. But the pool was dirty and looked horrible. David decided that he didn’t want to do it. He deciding to either call a Pool Cleaning West Palm Beach Company or to do it himself. Problem was that he really had no experience in cleaning the pool. What would only take a few hours, took a few days! He eventually decided to hire a reputable pool cleaning company in West Palm Beach and got the matter taken care of. That’s one mistake that he has always remembered. 

      If you want to clean your pool by yourself, by all means do it. Learn how to do it. Do a little research. Otherwise, you’ll end up finding that hiring the pool cleaner company would have been the better option. There are plenty of stories that we have encountered, where people have done a bad job in cleaning pools. You won’t believe the number of unsanitary pools that we have faced. There was an incident in which the water was murky and when you actually tested the water – there was high traces of dangerous bacteria that could prove to be harmful for your health. 

      Making sure to hire the best Pool Repair West Palm Beach Company!


       Don’t hire any old Pool repair West Palm Beach companies. You might be tempted by the lower prices. You’ll eventually be burned by the fact that there is a high probability that they don’t know what they are doing and that it’s actually the law to hire a licensed contractor. Luckily for you, we are licensed contractors and with the Florida Swimming Pool Association. You won’t have to worry about low quality work or being ripped off. We offer affordable options for our services if that is your primary concern. Just give us a call/email at (561)-440-1038

      Our Pool Service West Palm Beach Company always puts our customers first

       We are dedicated to serve your needs. If there are any problems and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure that you are satisfied and that your pool service west palm beach appointment went perfect. We will do whatever it takes to keep you happy. Don’t forget to contact us at anytime and we will make sure to fulfill your needs. 

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      Pool Cleaners of West Palm Beach have now been cleaning and servicing pools for more than a decade. We are here to help provide you with the best services in the area.

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    • What Our Clients Have to Say

    • I wish we had found this company the first time around. We've used their services for the past year and our pool and spa hasn't been dirty since they took over. Our pool was green and would look murky a lot. Visiting atleast one time a week by someone who knows what they are doing has made all the difference in the world. No more expensive trips to the pool store, they take care of everything hassle free!

      Rating: David Johnston

    • My spa was draining into my pool every night when the filter was shut off. I called a couple of pool repair companies in the west palm beach area and no one could help me or give me any solutions on what to do. I called Pool Cleaners West Palm Beach and they asked me a couple of simple questions and said they knew exactly what the problem is and they could be on their way in 30 minutes to fix the problem!

      Rating: Sally Moore

    • Our pool repair project was made much easier for us by using this company to help fix our pool problems. They always acted with the very professional, returning phone calls quickly, stopping all the time to watch over their crew, and always letting us know of what was going on. We appreciate the time they invested to help us get our pool back in perfect working condition.

      Rating: Mark Sharden