• How much should you pay for pool cleaning services?

    May 6, 2016
  • Normally, you’d read articles on different platforms telling you to pay what you can afford. The advice would probably encourage you not to surpass your pool cleaning or pool maintenance budget. The truth is that you’re free to pay whatever you want. After all, how much value do you attach to a clean pool? Is a clean pool worth $50? Is it worth $100? 

    First, read these facts to understand the importance of cleaning the swimming pool:

    • Contaminated water in a dirty swimming pool causes health problems
    • How many harmful microorganisms does dirty pool water contain? 
    • Many people enter the swimming pool before taking a shower, thus leaving plenty of sweat, urine, body oil and other contaminants behind

    Secondly, the cost of pool cleaning services depends on whether you want to do it once a week or on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you could embrace and apply DIY skills to clean the pool on your own without any outside help. DIY approach would only apply if you have the skills, tools and chemicals required to clean a swimming pool properly. 

    Effective pool cleaning involves using a leaf scoop in removing the pile of debris that has accumulated on the bottom of the swimming pool. The task involves feeding chlorine and other types of sanitizers into the pool. The work requires testing and adjusting the level of the sanitizer. The cleaning task would be incomplete without the complete removal of all the floating leaves. 

    A visual inspection of the pool for clarity and color is a requirement worth fulfilling when cleaning your pool. More importantly, cleaning the pool requires checking it thoroughly for visible contaminants. The pH levels in the pool require proper testing and adjusting. For this reason, how much are you willing to pay for all these services?